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    • Are you maximizing your reimbursements with your in-house billing staff?
    • Does your practice exhibit work flow efficiency or is it hanging on by a string?
    • Does your in-house billing staff turnover from time to time?
    • Is your practice struggling to be stay HIPAA compliant?

    • State of the art, web-based practice management software that we maintain for you, but you can control
    • EHR/ EMR compliance and increased stimulus revenues
    • More efficient, more organized and happier front/back office staff
    • Increase number of patients seen and spend more time with those that need it
    • Personalize your practice through constantly updated records and charts
    • A truly paperless HIPAA compliant work environment, free of sticky notes and endless filing cabinets

Worry-free Compliance

Our experts thoroughly understand all relevant HIPAA regulations and relationships, and ensure that our systems and partnerships are fully compliant ahead of schedule. Included are future standards being phased in, such as ANSI 5010and ICD-10...

Our clients come first

Our relationship with our Physicians from a regulatory standpoint as defined by HIPAA is that of Business Associate – a role we take extremely seriously. We work to make the goals and commitments of our clients our own. We are your facilitator.

ANSI 5010 Transactions

PrimeSource Solutions is working closely with our partners to ensure our software and end-to-end systems are fully compliant with this new regulation as it is phased in over a two year period. We ensure full and timely compliance in every respect.

Smooth ICD-10 Migration

As this new code set is implemented in preparation for an October 1, 2013 deadline, PrimeSource Solutions automatically integrates all ICD-10 codes directly into the encounter review screen of our online medical billing and clinical software.